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Analysis of the prospect of joining “Ashiman" brand

Since the reform and opening, with the rapid development of China's economy, the sanitary industry has developed at an average rate of 20% per year. Especially since the 1990s, with the continuous improvement of people's living standards and the rapid rise of real estates, as well as the renovation of old housing and decoration of new housing, rural urbanization, hardbound housing, the promotion of affordable housing and the accelerated development of the hotel industry, catering and entertainment industry, office buildings and other markets, the sanitary ware market ushers in unprecedented vast potential for development, where the medium and high-end sanitary ware market has even achieved an annual growth rate of 38%.


According to statistics, the demand of sanitary facilities in China has reached nearly 200 million. China has become the world's largest consumer market of sanitary products (European and American countries only added up to nearly 65 million); having developed for over 30 years, the Chinese sanitary ware industry is in the early stages of development; in 2016, the domestic sanitary ware market capacity is expected to exceed 160 billion (twice of the furniture market). The next 5-20 years is the golden period of development for the kitchen and sanitary industry; the total market capacity is expected to exceed 300 billion


Analysis of the prospect of sanitary ware brand franchise

Five drivers for the development of China’s sanitary industry

1. Rigid demand

China is the world's most populous country, and all consumptions are people based; housing is no exception. No matter whether the future real estate development in China is speeded up or slowed down, there is still a large distance between China's current housing area per capita and the developed countries; therefore, sanitary ware enjoys a huge space for development.


2. The process of urbanization

Urbanization in China is getting more and more evident. The number of hardbound housing, commercial housing and affordable housing is increased at the rate of 20 million units per year, especially the second and third tier cities and rural counties which are potentially very strong markets. As a downstream industry, the sanitary industry will maintain rapid steady growth.


3. The second wave of new-style decoration

The young people born in the 1980s have gradually started work and become the main force in home decoration. The need for personalized high quality life has progressively appeared. At the same time, the real estate market has developed for 10 years since its take-off in 2002. In accordance with the law of one decade being a cycle, the home decoration market will usher in the two climaxes of decoration.


4. Improvement of decoration quality requirements

With the development of society, people's aesthetic level has been increasingly improved. The update rate of sanitary products is a lot faster than in the past. The taste of home decoration especially the sanitary ware environment is also rapidly improved. The accelerated product updates will further expand the market of the sanitary industry.


5. Development of the sanitary industry

With respect to foreign developed countries, the development of sanitary industry in China has only a short period of over 30 years, which is in the initial stage of primary development. As far as the population base of our country is concerned, the total market capacity of the industry as a whole is up to 300 billion. The market saturation rate is only about 35%;

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