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Rising Star of Sanitary Ware Cross-border E-commerce in Nan’an,

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Lin Jiangfeng born in 1982 at Shengxin County, Nan’an City, is General Manager of Quanzhou JOOKA Sanitary Ware Technology Co., Ltd.


Nan’an is one of China’s three largest key production bases of plumbing and sanitary ware, where both large enterprises and medium and small enterprises are oriented to domestic market all the time. As a new one of the industry, Lin Jiangfeng took a different road, and focused on foreign trade.


Started from nothing, Lin Jiangfeng and his family explored foreign trade business with their passion, and have received orders to July up to now.


From workshop to brand creating


As an entrepreneur born after 1980, Lin Jiangfeng started the business from a lower point, or nothing.


Although he was recommended for admission of Qiaoguang Middle School, he only finished one-year study, and had to quit school because he was unable to afford the tuition fee. He was born in a common worker family and his young sister needed to finish compulsory education at least, so he selected to drop out of school.


In 1999, 17-year-old Lin Jiangfeng left the hometown, and went to Guiyang where he worked as an assistant in his relative’s store, and only earned several hundred yuan every month. In his father’s view, he could not work for others in his whole life, and must learn to do business for a better future.


In 2005, Lin Jiangfeng was aware of development in Guangxi real estate industry, and planned to do plumbing business with his relatives in Guangxi. “We had little money at that time, but only worked hard. But thanks to good market, the business was okay.” he said. However, when the business went well, he was fired due to few shares.


With one year of experience in plumbing, he considered whether he could do assembly of faucets as Shengxin County was great for this field, and had more resources. His elder brother was in favor of his idea. In 2007, Lin Jiangfeng bought the processing equipment with shares he gained, and established a 4-person family workshop. He chatted with owners of other family workshops to learn management skills from them. “At that time, my elder brother worked at a plumbing store in Guangdong, and our products were sold to this store”, he said.


In 2008, Lin Jiangfeng registered Ashiman brand, and tried to open the domestic market with the help of Nan’an market. He said frankly that “My brother came back for production and marketing”, but it was not good. Because customers usually paid us only after products sold, so we had no enough money to produce. We had to borrow 3000 yuan from several people in the hardest period.


Won overseas orders at Exhibition


As the market was tough, he set his sights on the popular e-commerce field. Because he was unfamiliar to network, he did not have orders after he registered Alibaba TrustPass.


He accidentally received an inquiry of one foreign trade company via Alibaba soon, asked whether he could took overseas order.


Although this was an order valued 50000 yuan, he saw a new market. Lin Jiangfeng stated, “The oversea orders are relatively simple compared with domestic order, but with larger quantity, for such enterprises like us, the purchase cost will be reduced largely”. Few profits could be made from domestic orders because of more varieties, small quantity and diversified user requirements.


“At that time most of Nan’an plumbing enterprises did domestic business, because we had few advantages to compete with others, we tried to do foreign business”, he said.


In 2009, He set up office in Zhejing Yiwu to do foreign trade. He actively sought for cooperation with foreign trade companies rather than waiting for chances at home. “The oversea market was good then, one reason was that overseas customers were willing to share good supplier to others if they encountered”. Due to high quality and reasonable price, JOOKA sanitary ware was exported to Middle East and Southeast Asia.


After earning profits in this part, he started to expand new foreign trade channels. He stated: it was not frequent to take orders through foreign trade company. “Most of foreign trade companies would like change supplier according to price, and usually the enterprise offering lower price won next order even though the client was the same”.


In 2012, Lin Jiangfeng, his brother, and his sister just graduated in Business English Major decided to attend Canton Fair. Because they knew little about it, they found nothing prepared in the booth. They had to buy some things that very night, and set up a simple shelf the next day.


Despite the booth was simple in the corner, it also attracted many clients. They received orders from Brazil, South America, the Philippines and other regions in Canton Fair.


Marching into Cross-border E-commerce


Besides domestic exhibitions, they also attended overseas professional exhibitions. At one overseas exhibition, he met a Fuqing client in Indonesia, and received orders over 2 million yuan in three months.


Lin Jiangfeng believes in making friends before doing business, and winning returned customers by honesty. After three months of cooperation, Lin Jiangfeng didn’t receive any order from the Fuqing client for a period of time, but he kept in touch with the Fuqing client by WeChat, and frequently praised in his moments. Half a year later, he received the order from this customer again.


In 2014, He paid attention to internet again and started cross-border e-commerce. “It is always good to have one more channel”.


However, the biggest obstacle for development of its cross-border e-commerce is talent. He stated that “We planned to develop in Yiwu, because Yiwu International Shopping City had attracted so many international buyers and salesmen. But things were different; most of salesmen have few interests in metal faucets”.


As he got zero cross-border e-commerce order last year, he decided to move Foreign Trade Department back to the factory and take a road of industry and trade integration, and recruit salesmen relying on Alibaba resources in Nan’an.


In 2015, JOOKA continued to develop cross-border e-commerce, increased the input in the third-party network platform, and organized trainings for salesmen. Over one year of accumulation and business development, the online orders reached 1.5 million yuan in 2015.


Since this year, JOOKA has made sustainable progress in the cross-border e-commerce, and received orders to July up to now. “In the future, we will set up our English website, and enhance the influence of JOOKA at overseas market by popularizing at overseas search software.”

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