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2017 bathroom industry upgrade

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2017 bathroom industry upgrade

Bathroom industry as a representative of the traditional industry, its production process has been criticized. Low efficiency, but also has a serious pollution in the current energy-saving emission reduction situation is grim, environmental pressure unprecedented environment, so the bathroom industry in the future must take the green manufacturing development path in order to survive, but this road is still Exploration, but many companies have their own views.

Bathroom two mainstream: green and intelligent
When it comes to green manufacturing, Duravit first considers "avoid" and can only avoid pollution to the environment before it can be environmentally friendly; but when it can not be avoided, it will reduce pollution and reduce the waste of resources. Can not do, we have to consider re-use, such as water resources, energy recycling process, the last step is the process of recycling recycling. This is the concept of Duravit "green manufacturing".

Green and intelligent into the bathroom industry two major trends

Intelligent manufacturing, robot era

With the development of science and technology, intelligent manufacturing has become the main direction of the bathroom industry. Focus on the development of intelligent equipment and intelligent products, to promote the intelligent production process, cultivate new production methods, and comprehensively enhance the enterprise R & D, production, management and service of the intelligent level, has become a top priority bathroom business. Talk about intelligent manufacturing, can not but say that smart bathroom and robots, although the current smart bathroom is also difficult to spread, but if the time will be able to shine, and robots, has become a lot of bathroom business workshop in a beautiful scenery.
Made in China industrial upgrading, can not be separated from technical upgrading and intelligent traction. Intelligent manufacturing and green manufacturing, as China made 2025 road map in the "two manufacturing", is pulling the bathroom industry structure remodeling. In the "two manufacturing" driven by some of the bathroom business began to gradually upgrade the transition. Of course, some of the bathroom business structure and industrial upgrading of the road, not overnight, to be out of reality, most of the bathroom business development time is still relatively short, perhaps the brand of Foshan enterprises have not experienced much more foreign brands. To give more time to the domestic bathroom business, I believe that China's sanitary enterprises will not lose in foreign enterprises.


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