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  • Number: HS-3101
  • Category: Bibcock
  • Material: Plastic
  • Price: 100 - 1000RMB
  • Views : 442

Quanzhou JOOKA Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. was established in 2007 and located in Fumao Industrial Park, Shengxin Town, Nan’an City, Fujian Province, China. Our workshop covers an area of 2,600 m2. We are a specialized manufacturer and also a reliable OEM of sanitary wares. We have rich experience in product research and development, production and marketing.

Based on the principle of “Exquisite Workmanship toward Perfect Quality” and through giving full play to the power of science and technology and always constantly making a great effort to learn the world's advanced design concepts and technical experience, we have successfully developed the world-class sanitary wares so as to provide a strong warranty for further development. By virtue of the flexible operational mechanism, we have actively participated in the market competition and won the support and trust from our customers. Just because of sound management system, advanced manufacturing equipments and high-quality talent team, no matter from the perspective of product R&D, production, logistics or quality control, the product value could be revealed adequately. Thus, all the products of JOOKA can show the characteristics of “Uniqueness, Innovation and Fashion”.

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    Content: How to buy in your web? Do you have on line shop?
  • Reply: yes,friend! we have our on-line shop on alibaba:https://jonka.en.alibaba.com.do you have whatsapp or wechat i can send our last catalog to you
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